Saturday, May 7, 2011

Taiping Matang Seafood Porridge Restaurant

Seafood porridge
*you can choose whatever seafood(available on that day)you wish to have.Need not to worry because they have variety choices of seafood and all are fresh.The porridge is delicious and consider a healthy breakfast(maybe is a little bit expensive but worth it).

*on top is fried fish not fried tofu

Fried fish
*This is a must to try because it is very crispy and you can eat the whole fish including the HEAD(first time eat fish with this way.)

*nothing much to complain because i am not otak-otak lover.I just had a small bite but the taste consider nice for me.

Choi Sam
*i know very weird to have choi sam as breakfast.The taste is just average and comparable with my mum's choi sam.:D

Taiping Matang Seafood Restaurant
No.35-G,Jalan Puteri 4/7A,Bandar Puteri,47100,Puchong,Selangor.


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